How It Works

Follow bitPR's simple 3 step process and gain more exposure & credibility to help grow your brand!

For instant submittal of a press release, please go here to fill out the form.

As a general guideline, these are the criteria that should be followed for press release creation:

*Press release should be between 350-700 words

*Contain a minimal number of hyperlinks (less than 8)

*Include 1-2 featured images

*Headline should be concise and to the point (aim for less than 12 words)

If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact us at

For package purchases, we pride ourselves on making the process as simple as possible for clients.

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email outlining the information we will need in order to begin the process of getting your press release/s prepared for publication.

For packages and orders that contain multiple press releases, a bitPR representative will communicate with the preferred point of contact within your organization regarding the creation of all press releases going forward.

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